For Wireless power, the first problem is needed to be solved in technology to realize 3d wireless power supply, including coverage and depth.a new technology called WMFL and FMFR (Widely Magnetic Field Launching and Focus Magnetic Field Receiving) help us to get it.

3DVOX technology co. ltd. successful developed 3D POWER System in March 2012, first achieving the whole room wireless POWER supply, any position in the room , TV, computer, audio system, lighting, electric fan, and even a vacuum cleaner can work directly without any wire connection, as well as any place can be charging for mobile phones, IPAD even laptop computers, really realized the concept of wireless home,espcially wireless office.



Physical Size

TX Source

400*400*28mm 13.2kg

cover area

4-40 square meter,height 3.0meter

working frequency

safe area

TX Power


input voltage

100-110V AC or 220V AC

output voltage

custom made

output power

custom made

receiver size

custom made